A New Invitation To All Our Arcadia Classmates From The 1960's
A Reunion Party For Everyone
October 13th 2018

The Tee Pee Mexican Restaurant


Our next reunion party will be on Saturday, October 13, 2018 at Tee Pee Mexican Restaurant, 4144 E. Indian School Rd., Phoenix, just down the street from Arcadia High School. Once again this get-together has been arraigned by the Arcadia H.S. classes of 1964 & 65 for our friends from any class of the 1960’s!

This annual event is an informal gathering on the patio of Tee Pee Mexican Restaurant.. There will be no pre-registration, no required RSVP, no cover charge…just show up and prepare to see friends you may not have seen since high school.  We have reserved the Tee Pee patio once again.  Party begins at 5 PM and goes until closing at 10 PM.  Who knows where or how long we may party after last call.  Food and beverages available for service at the patio on your own tab.

Tee Pee Menu: teepeemexicanfood.com

Reserve the date on your calendar.  RSVPs are not required to attend but if you would like to let your friends know that you plan to be there you may notify us and your name will be posted on our website in the Tee Pee Party page and a name tag will be waiting for you at the party. You may also RSVP below.

To ask questions about the event, use the email:  merrilldel@aol.com

Who's Coming
1.    Del Merrill ‘65
2.    Eileen Merrill w/ Del
3.    Scott Koerner ‘65
4.    Maureen Koerner w/ Scott
5.    Wes Mohr '65
6.    Penni Machin Mohr '67
7.    Terry Hillis Wilcox '64
8.    Thomas Farmer '64
9.    John Hart '69
10.  Kendall Smith '65
11.  Marilyn Smith w/Kendall
12.  Clint Stidham '65
13.  Jane Ann Stidham w/Clint
14.   Mike Cranny '65
15.   Josie Cranny w/Mike
16.   Jim Gillard '63
17.   Courtney  Gillard w/Jim
18.   Gloria Eklund '63
19.   Peggy Elkund Geroge '61
20.   Ed Battershell '65
21.   Gloria Mcneil w/Ed
22.   Gordon Sinclair '67
23.   Penny Machin Mohr w/Gordon
24.   Terry Peugh '65
25.   Micki McFadden '64
26.   David Tillotson w/Micki
27.   Karen Dodge Harris '62
28.   Ken Etchells '62
29.   Llinda Etchells w/Ken
30.   Ron Trainor '64
31.   Wendy Trainor '64
32.   Becky Shettler Barrow '63